Squash Body Serve

The body serve in squash is made to catch your opponent off guard. It directs the ball towards the body of your opponent at high speed giving them less time to react. This serve is considered to be discourteous or unsportsmanlike by some players but is completely legal on the game.

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Making a body serve

The body serve is performed with a forehand for better racquet control. The ball bounces off the front wall and directly towards the upper body of your opponent at high speed. It works best for if your opponent is stationary and will force them to make a weak return.

Direct the ball towards the upper body of your opponent.

Depending on the speed your serve is delivered, your opponent will have less time to react. Thus, forcing them to volley a weaker return.

Project the ball near the center of the front wall as high as your opponents height.

Before serving the ball, note the position of your opponent. Deliver the ball with a fast forehand serve aiming at a spot on the wall high enough towards the body of your opponent.

Volleying a body serve

It is very important to pay attention to any serve in squash. In the case of the receiving end of a fast body serve you will be forced to volley the ball. Unless you are ready for the shot, you may not be able to return at all because of the speed and the momentum of the ball.

  1. Position your body with your feet wide apart, knees bent and the racquet at chest level during your opponent’s serve.
  2. As soon as the ball hits the front wall pivot a foot one step backward or forward to position yourself sideways from the oncoming ball. Ready your racquet for the swing.
  3. With a short wrist movement, redirect the ball towards a corner instead of forcing it with a wide swing.
Squash Body Serve Infographic

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