Squash Backhand Serve

The squash backhand serve is an effective serve if done correctly. The backhand swing enables you to spin the ball faster than you would on a forehand. With enough spin, a backhand serve creates unpredictable angles as the ball bounces off from the walls.

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Hitting a backhand serve

Direct the ball near the opposite corner of the front wall. An unpredictable angle can be made with enough spin on the ball to confuse your opponent and will bring the trajectory closer to the side wall.

Serve the ball with a backhand swing to spin the ball and direct it towards the opposite corner of the front wall.

Have the ball clip the side wall to make the shot even more effective.

  1. Position your feet wide apart with your racquet at backhand position at the opposite side of your racquet hand.
  2. Gently toss the ball at an arm’s length with the opposite hand as you shift the weight of your body to one foot.
  3. Swing your racquet at an angle from the ball as you strike to make it spin towards the wall. Twist your body as you swing and follow through with the shot.
Squash Backand Serve

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