Best Doubles Squash Racquet – Top Choice for Doubles Squash

[Updated on 1 June 2020] No one wants to be embarrassed by a squash racquet that breaks in the middle of an intense doubles squash game. Unfortunately, many players who begin to fall in love with the game of doubles squash play with their singles squash racquet. If you intend to be a competitive doubles player, you want to have the proper equipment. If you want to play doubles squash, you can avoid that embarrassment by having a proper doubles squash racquet.

As in many other racquet sports, a squash racquet can have subtle features that best suit your style of play. The leader for doubles squash racquets is Harrow, whom we feature below with a great selection of doubles squash racquets. Along with Harrow racquets, Black Knight is our other favorite doubles squash racquet manufacturer.

If you are playing at a consistently competitive level, we have researched some of the best squash racquets that can help you enhance your performance.

Best Doubles Squash Racquet – Top Choices for Competitive Doubles Squash Players

Racquet NameTypeWeight
Harrow M-140 (Doubles Choice)Best All-Around145
Harrow Vapor (Editor's Choice)Power & Racquet Speed140
Harrow Bancroft ExecutiveBest Control155
Harrow StellarAll-Around Racquet with a little more Power145
Harrow Bancroft Players SpecialHead-Heavy Control150
Black Knight Great White DemonPower plus Durability140
Black Knight C2C nXSMost Durable140

Harrow M-140 – Best All-Around

Harrow M-140

The Harrow M-140 is one of Harrow’s top-selling doubles frame of all time and is the preferred racquet of several SDA pro tour players, and current world #2 team of Scott Arnold and John Russell.

The larger head size provides a larger sweet spot for off-center hits. While perfectly suitable for a bigger hitting singles player as well, the new graphics on the Harrow M-140 highlight a stiff and powerful frame providing you with all the game you need to carry your partner to victory.

This racquet is evenly-balanced which provides great touch on when playing. It is on the lighter end of doubles racquets, which provides power through your forehand or backhand swing.

One thing that some players may have some adjusting too, especially when playing hardball doubles for the first time, is the speed of play, and thus the control from this racquet. If you need more control, a heavier racquet may be more suitable for beginning doubles players.

  • Versatile racquet for singles or doubles play
  • Large head for a greater sweet spot and power
  • Nice blend of power and control
  • Lighter doubles racquet which offers less control
  • Rather than a traditional “square” handle, this racquet is more “rectangular” which can feel different in your hands.

Harrow Vapor – Power & Racquet Speed

Harrow Vapor Squash Racquet

The Harrow Vapor gets its name because of the vapor trail saw after the swings from this racquet. Just kidding, but this is one of the best racquets around.

The Harrow Vapor is a top-rated racquet for the intermediate players and its qualities come at a top-end price. It gives the ability to deliver great power, control, and responsiveness when using the racquet on the court.

The one negative with the racquet is concerns over its durability. It is susceptible to breaking and seems to be a little fragile. Many players do complain that for the price, they expect the racquet not to break as it gets expensive to replace.

Overall, this squash racquet has an amazing feel, great control and a top-end option for squash players.

  • Large sweet spot
  • Stiff shaft for more control
  • Little to no vibration
  • Expensive
  • Brittle racquet with durability concerns

Harrow Bancroft Executive Racquet – Best Control
Harrow 65840205 Bancroft Executive

Looking for a strong, sturdy, and reliable squash racquet? Look no further than the Harrow Bancroft Executive.

The #1 female squash player in the US, Natalie Grainger. You don’t get to that level without a great racquet. Not only does Grainger use the racquet, she actually helped design it. This is the kind of racquet fit for a professional.

The Harrow Bancroft Executive racquet is heavy enough to pack a punch, and while still remaining light enough where you won’t wear yourself out too quickly into the match. With that being said, this racquet has fantastic precision and control. The Harrow Bancroft Executive Racquet will keep your opponent running back and forth across the court, game after game.

While this racquet can surely be used by all types of players, it is worth considering that this racquet may not be exactly what you are looking for, especially if you play a lot of singles squash. Weighing in at 155 grams, this racquet is heavy for singles play. Most singles racquets are 140 grams or less.

  • Strong and sturdy to handle hardball doubles play
  • Head-heavy which provides greater power
  • No vibration
  • Great control across the racquet no matter your grip preference
  • Heavy for singles play
  • The head-heavy aspect of the racquet may take some getting used to, which some players may not like

Harrow Stellar Squash Racquet – All-Around Racquet with a little more Power

Harrow 66000449 2016 Stellar Squash RacquetThe Harrow Stellar has a large head size similar to that of the Harrow M-140 and also shares the M-140 playing characteristics. But its frame is slightly more balanced with a convex inside head for additional stiffness. It weighs 145 grams and is a favorite on both singles and doubles courts.

Compared to the M-140, which is an SDA Tour favorite, the Stellar provides a slightly different playing experience because the additional stiffness provides added power to the Stellar. So if you want more power but like the racquet weight of 145g, the Stellar can be a great choice.

  • Versatile racquet for singles or doubles play
  • Additional stiffness compared to the M-140
  • Less control for novice players

Harrow Bancroft Players Special Squash Racquet – Head-Heavy Control

Harrow 65850504 Bancroft Players Special Squash RacquetThe Harrow Bancroft Players Special is one of the most classic pieces of sports equipment out there. The Bancroft players special squash racquet has a slightly heavy head and has that stiffness that gives you enough control to fight the tough pace of the hardball.  It weighs 150 grams and is strung with a Barrage string at 32lbs.

  • Good power
  • High maneuverability and feels great in your hand
  • Head heavy balance provides added power without additional swing effort
  • Consider getting new strings – factory version is less than ideal
  • Harrow racquets seem to be more brittle than other brands

Black Knight Great White Demon – Power plus Durability

Black Knight Great White Demon Squash RacquetThe Black Knight Great White was designed to meet the specifications of the legendary John White (Great White).  With this racquet, you will experience excellent power and maneuverability. The power is enhanced by its thick vibration dampening frame and its stiffness.

It features a Power Surge shaft together with Black Night’s latest technologies like NCT, I6K, Power of 6 and Thermal Core technology. The racquet’s 16X19 string pattern, and the forgiveness with the 500 sq. cm head gives you a lot of control for singles and hardball doubles that plays very fast and powerful.

  • Durability – Black Knight racquets don’t break often
  • Thick bridge and throat for power
  • Designed for power after John White – regarded as the hardest hitting squash player in recent memory
  • Not the best option for a finesse, tactical player
  • At 140g, a light racquet for doubles
  • Need to have good control to use this racquet, or choke up on the handle

Black Knight C2C nXS – versatile racquet, moderate price

Black Knight C2C White nXS Squash RacketThe Black Knight C2C nXS is a great racquet for singles or doubles players, and reps Black Knight’s Canadian roots with a maple leaf design. Even as an American who cannot stand seeing Canada hockey beat the Americans, this racquet design is awesome.

The Black Knight C2C nXS is well balanced and maneuverable with its large hitting surface, moderate stiffness, and lightweight construction. Plus, the weight is just about right – not too heavy, not too light. Black Knight racquets are known for their durability. This racquet will be a weapon for battle for many years.

The factory grip on this racket is fantastic, although it is different than most because of its distinct ridges. It is very grippy and comfortable which is less likely to lead to minor blisters after a long game.

A negative with this racquet is the teardrop design for doubles play. Typically doubles racquets sport a shorter, but a wider head. Using this racquet for doubles play is possible due to the weighting and durability, but the teardrop design lends itself to a smaller sweet spot.

  • Awesome design
  • Durability – Black Knight racquets don’t break often
  • Factory grip is fantastic
  • Long-lasting racquet at a great price
  • Teardrop design for doubles play means a smaller sweet spot
  • Factory grip has ridges, which is different than most racquets

What to look for in a Doubles Squash Racquet

You will notice when you go shopping that there are many doubles squash racquet brands including Head, Dunlop, Prince and more. Let us look at some of the few things you need to consider when you are looking to buy the best squash racquet:

Squash Racquet Price

Squash racquets vary in price but it is a good idea to buy equipment that you can comfortably afford.  You may also want to start with a cheaper racquet if you are a squash beginner and that may mean spending $30-$50 for a starter racquet.  Squash racquets that cost $100-$150 offer the best value and are suitable if you are playing at an intermediate or advanced level.

Quality of Racquet

When looking for quality, consider the material, shape of the head, balance, and weight of the squash racquet. The best way to determine the quality of a racquet is by handling it to see whether it is the most effective for your skill-level or gameplay.


Aluminum and graphite composites are the most used materials for making racquets. If you decide to buy a cheap racquet, then it will most probably be made out of Aluminum. Racquets made of aluminum are often heavy and very durable. But they are not good at absorbing vibrations generated when you hit the ball.

Lighter and more maneuverable racquets are often made of graphite composites with titanium and carbon added to the base.  But you cannot go beast mode with them because they break so easily.


Balance simply means the distribution of weight. Racquets that are headlight have less weight in the head and more weight in the handle. They feel lighter and you can maneuver them easily. But head heavy racquets have heads that hold most of the weight giving you more power with less effort.

You can also opt for the even racquets that have evenly distributed weight allowing for faster swing without sacrificing power.


Squash racquets normally weight 110-170 grams and the best way to choose the weight that works for you is to test the racquet. Lightweight racquets (110-145 grams) allow for quick wrist movement and quick movement of the head. This provides a good feel, aid in deception in front of the court and easier control. A heavyweight racquet (145-170 grams) provides more power to your shots, offers stability and a smooth impact through the ball.

Grip Shape

All squash racquets have a standard handle size but the handles can come in different shapes. Rounded handles have that baseball bat feeling to them while rectangular handles give a more tennis racquet feel.

Racquet Structure

This is not about the graphics or color but about things like the racquet’s throat design. A closed throat provides a larger sweet spot and usually generates more power. But an open throat is supposed to provide control and stability because of shorter main strings on the racquet.

Doubles Squash Racquet Conclusion

If you are interested in both singles and doubles squash, then it makes more sense buying a racquet that allows for both. Try focusing on how a racquet can enhance your performance without compromising your play style. Your physical attributes also determine whether a racquet will be the “best” for you as an individual player.

After buying the right doubles squash racquet for you, try replacing the strings on an annual basis to lengthen the lifespan of the racquet.

If you are just starting out, the Harrow M-140 will be a great option, but if you want more control choose the Harrow Bancroft Executive.

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