Best Squash Racquet Bags In 2020

[Updated Feb 2020] The squash racquet bag you walk into a court with doesn’t just hold your gear; it also makes a statement. You need a bag that can hold your squash ball, squash racquet, shoes and a change of clothes without you struggling to zip it shut. If you are looking for the best squash bag, then relax because we did the research and found five bags that will definitely interest you.

A Squash Bag will be your best friend, as it is one of the handiest pieces of squash equipment out there. As most of you will already know, and what all of you learn as you progress, is that there will be times when you need multiple squash rackets available. I’ll regularly carry 4-5 rackets with me to tournament games.

I have my favorite racket, a spare of that racket, a second favorite and it’s spare. Sometimes I’ll have a fifth which I will use as a loaner to friends that I am playing or introducing to Squash. Not to mention, it has been lent to my opponents during a number of competitive matches too. I’d rather play a match out than have them forfeit due to a broken racket. It can happen to anyone, and of course, it can happen at the most inconvenient of times!

So, the versatility of the additional rackets is nice, but carrying 5 squash rackets, a pair of shoes, two water bottles, a towel, a pack of squash balls and spare clothes in your hands is quite the challenge. Which is where I jump in and say ‘DONE!’ Buy a Squash Bag!

[su_note note_color=”#ffbfa2″ radius=”2″] Before we look at the bags you will need to learn about what options you have for bag features and price before putting your squash racquets in your bag.

Types of Squash Bags


Some of the features you should consider when shopping for a squash racquet bag include size, durability, weight, quality, price and the design of the squash bag.  There are four types of squash racquet bags:

Shoulder bag

They are very spacious and may have a single strap or a double strap. You can only wear these bags on your shoulder.


These are smaller than the shoulder bag. Squash racquets do not fit completely into the bag so the racquet handles tend to stick out of the bag.

Duffel Bag

Looks like your typical gym bag and can fit all of your stuff comfortably.

Travel Bag

Allows you safely to travel with your equipment and gear on airplanes.

Difference between Standard and Premium Range of Squash Bags

You can buy a standard or premium squash racquet bag depending on how you plan to use it. The standard racquet bags normally have at least two compartments that can hold a couple of racquets and one pair of shoes. They also tend to have only one shoulder strap and a couple of handles.

They are usually constructed from thick nylon material. Standard bags have fewer additional compartments inside but may have an additional accessory compartment on the outside. Premium range racquet bags, on the other hand, are constructed from thicker, more durable nylon.

They usually have two backpack straps and a handle for carrying. Climate control compartments are also a common feature on these bags.  They also have other compartments specifically meant for shoes, water bottles, and other accessories. The shoe pockets in premium squash racquet bags keep your dirty, sweaty shoes away from other things in your bag.

Mesh compartments are also a common feature in premium bags. You may need to get a premium bag if you have a lot of gear and travel a lot from court to court.

At the end of the day, if you stick to one of the big brand names you will come out with:

  • A high-quality bag
  • A shoulder strap to save your arms
  • A carry strap to save your shoulder (post match! 😉  )
  • Room for 3-5 Rackets
  • A handy bag to carry your balls, clothes, drinks, and towel in!

Best Squash Racquet Bags 2020

Tecnifibre Air Endurance 9R Squash Bag

Squash racquet bagIt was designed for players who want more storage space for their equipment and other stuff. You can carry this bag in the rain and humidity, because of the coated Ripstop material and speed ventilation on the outside of the bag.  These materials make the bag durable, waterproof, tear-resistant, breathable and lightweight.

If you care about having a squash racquet bag that draws attention, then you will be pleased to know that the 9R’s exterior matches the TFight and TFlash racquets. You can store up to 9 racquets in two large compartments on the side of the bag.  A smaller pocket outside of the bag is suitable for keeping phones, wallets or other small items.

There is also a ventilated shoe pocket on the outside of the bag for your squash shoes. You can wear this bag on your shoulders or carry it with a single grip of the handles.  However, the bag is quite costly, but that should not be a problem if you are a seasoned player who wants convenience and durability.

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Tecnifibre Squash Green 9 Squash Bag

Squash racquet bagThe Green 9 and the Air Endurance basically look alike in structure but there are certain differences. For example, you will notice that the Green 9 has an extra padded grab handle and is green/white in color. Other features in this bag are its shoe pocket, an accessories pocket, and the two adjustable, padded backpack straps.

The bag can hold 9 racquets and has compartments for shoes and three small pockets for balls and other accessories.

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HEAD Tour Team Squash Bag

Squash racquet bagThe Head Tour Team squash bag is 30.5 inches in length, 10 inches wide and has a height of 14 inches.  This squash racquet bag has two main compartments and a long side pocket. It comes in two colors: blue and coal.

One of the two compartments has heat protection to keep your precious racquets safe from damage. You can use the other compartments to hold things like a change of clothes, squash ball cans and other stuff you need on the court. If you decide to use the two compartments to only hold racquets, you can carry up to 9 squash racquets in the bag.

This bag’s side pocket is big enough to hold your keys, cell phone, wallet and more.

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Harrow 3 Squash Bag

Squash racquet bagYou only have three color choices for the bag: Navy/White, Pink/white, and Black/silver. Two racquets can fit in the bigger pocket while one racquet can fit in the other smaller pocket or compartment. Both pockets have a soft padded lining.

You can use the smaller pocket to carry other gear, but that means you can only carry two racquets. Your shoes and other smelly stuff can be stuffed into the vented compartment and your squash balls go into a designated pocket.  The two inner plastic pockets are meant for your personal items.

The bag has one padded shoulder strap and two hand straps. Some people may find that the three color choices are a little limiting.

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Head Elite Squash Backpack

The Head Elite bag has a compartment for almost everything you need on the court.  For example, it has a mesh compartment for your water bottle and an integrated shoe compartment to keep your shoes separate from other items. Apart from that, the bag’s front zipper gives you easy access to your smaller items.

It can hold a couple of racquets and has a cushioned back panel together with padded shoulder straps. There is an additional chest strap and has auto-stop zippers and a handle cover.  It comes in 4 colors: black/red, blue/white, grey/orange and red/navy/blue.

The only downside is that the squash racquet handles stick out at the top.

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Wilson Super Tour 3 Racquet Bag

I thought I’d finish the post of with a quality Wilson bag. Wilson is one of the oldest racquet brands in the sector. This is a classic bag you see many other racquet athletes use.

The zippered compartments are pretty sweet and come with padded walls. They’ll protect your racquets superbly. The air-mesh pads on the top handle makes heavy loads easily. The padded and ergonomically adjustable shoulder straps at the bottom of the bag help you carry it on your bag safely and keeps your hands independent and free.

I’d consider it as an almost perfect squash bag. It securely holds and protects 6 of your squash racquets and comes with moisture guard and a PVC free design. The backpack functionality of the bag will protect your back and maintain your hands agility. It’s an amazing bag for the price (check it out below) and should fit everything that you need for your match.

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Dunlop Performance 8 Racquet Bag

Dunlop has been around for a long time, and  is well known and respected for good reason.

The 4D bag can carry eight racquets. Yep. I’ll repeat that for you. The 4D can carry EIGHT squash rackets! It has two separate compartments. . . And, believe it or not, it is thermally regulated with thermally insulated layers to help protect your racquets. You may not know this, but having your racquets thermally insulated makes a difference for your racket strings.

If your racket experiences dramatic temperature swings (specifically cold weather), the strings actually shrink and become weaker and are more susceptible to breaking in a match. This is an investment that can protect your strings in the long run.

I’ve never come close to owning eight squash racquets, let alone eight of  any type of racquets! If you are carrying eight racquets with you , then I imagine you are one seriously good squash player!

My other thought is that this bag may be great  for trainers and teachers who travel between clubs. It’ll sure make carrying students training racquets a lot easier!

The bag comes with padded shoulder straps, and while I haven’t tried it with eight racquets in it, I am under the impression that it is surprisingly comfortable. If you own it, buy it or use it, please provide some feedback!

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Squash Bag FAQs

Which type of squash bag is the best?

When you are considering what will be the best squash bag for you, you will want to consider several factors, including:


Before you start shopping for a squash bag, consider how much you have to spend and how much you are willing to invest. As is the case with most items, the more you can to invest in a squash bag, the better it will serve your purposes and the longer you will typically be able to use it.
There is a wide range of prices for squash bags. You may be able to find one for less than $20 and there are others that will cost more than $100. Get a good idea for how much you want to spend and what features are most important before you start looking at bags.

Comfort carrying the bag

When you think about carrying your bag, consider both the distance you may have to carry it and how much gear you carry with you. A bag that is comfortable to carry when it is virtually empty may feel like it is cutting into your shoulder once you have a little more gear in it.


Before you start looking at bags, think about the gear you already have (and any gear you plan to acquire in the near future). Consider how much you plan to take with you and how often.

Most bags have convenience features, including:

  • Pockets. Consider whether you want a place to put your keys, shoes and other gear. If you are looking at bags that hold multiple racquets, pay attention to whether there are dividers to separate your racquets and how important that is to you.
  • Carrying straps. The straps on your bag may seem like a minor feature, but uncomfortable straps can make carrying a new bag feel like torture. Pay attention to the cushion on the straps and where it is located.
  • Wet pockets. If part of your squash routine is changing in or out of your athletic clothes, a wet pocket can be very helpful. A wet pocket can keep your dirty clothes away from the rest of your gear.
  • Versatility. Squash is not your only sport? Some squash bags are useful for racquetball, too. If you are looking for a bag that will store your gear for both sports, look for one that can accommodate both kinds of racquets.
  • Size. Are you a beginner with one racquet? Do you often play with friends who do not have their own gear? Perhaps you go from work to the court and then on with something else. Consider what your routine is and what needs your bag will need to meet.

Will the squash racquets smash together in these squash bags?

It depends on the bag. Some bags have dividers to keep your racquets separate and prevent damage. Before investing in a new bag, consider how many racquets you will be carrying and how much the other gear in your bag will keep them from impact.

What else should I have in my squash bag?

You will want to carry at least the minimum gear to be able to enjoy a game and be prepared if the person you are playing with is not prepared. In addition to your racquet, you should carry balls, eyewear, shoes, and appropriate clothes.

You may also want to keep a water bottle, sweatband and any other convenient “extras” in your bag so that you have everything you need.

Which style is better, a squash backpack or squash shoulder bag?

Squash bags tend to either have a single shoulder strap or backpack-style straps. Think about the type of bag you prefer in other areas of your life. Also, think about whether you will be carrying your squash bag along with another bag. If you take your laptop to the office in a backpack, a squash bag with the same design might be difficult to carry.

Why are squash bag sizes calculated in rackets (3 racquet bag, 12 racquet bag)?

While different players may use the space for different gear, all players will be familiar with how big a racquet is and how much space it takes up. While a player may use the space in a 12 racquet bag for 12 racquets, another player can also know how much space for other gear that bag will have if it only has 2 racquets in it.

How can my squash bag play a part in protecting my rackets?

Your racquet may have come with a lightweight carrying case, and this may be enough to protect it at first. However, as you continue to play and have more gear to carry with you, having a bag to protect your racquets becomes increasingly important.

It is important to keep your racquets separate from your other gear. Both the frame and strings of your racquet can get damaged if they have other objects coming into contact with them.

Can I find a squash bag that is only for carrying rackets?

Most squash bags will have at least a little room for other gear or items you may carry with you to the squash court. If you are looking for a bag to only carry racquets, opt for the smallest size that will accommodate the largest number of racquets you intend to carry.

What kind of compartments should the squash bag have for maximum storage?

If you are looking for a bag that will be able to take you from work to the squash court, consider a bag that has storage for your racquets and your other gear. Consider if you need separate storage for dirty clothes, shoes, balls and other equipment. Some of the larger bags include a wet pocket to keep your clothes and towels away from your other gear.

Are tennis bags and squash bags any different from each other?

Tennis bags and squash bags are incredibly similar, as far as their size goes. The differences will come in mainly with the extra features that one player or the other will look for in a bag.

Which is better: Velcro or Zipper?

Zipper bags are better in our opinion because they are more secure and “cleaner” than velcro. The downside of a zipper is that the risk is higher than you rip the bag when opening. Velcro is a low-risk, low-maintenance option for squash bags and still does a good job of keeping everything in your bag.

Squash Bag Conclusion

If you are looking for the best squash bag for you, make sure it can hold all the things you normally carry to the court.  Forget about the appearance of the squash bag and think instead about:

  • Durability
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Weight
  • Convenience

Spend money on a bag that offers the most features for the price.  Do not spend a fortune on a bag simply because you think expensive means quality. Try out the bag in the shop and see whether it feels great when you wear it with your equipment inside. Then fill the bag with one of the best squash racquets available today!


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    I really like using the Head Elite Squash Backpack bag. It easily holds two rackets. It has convenient storage compartments. There are two outside pockets which I use to carry my drink bottle and my sunscreen. There are two large zippered compartments, in addition to the zippered racket compartment. This bag is perfect for my needs on the squash court.

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