January 2019

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Squash Backhand Serve

The squash backhand serve is an effective serve if done correctly. The backhand swing enables you to spin the ball faster than you would on a forehand. With enough spin, a backhand serve creates unpredictable angles as the ball bounces off from the walls. Hitting a backhand serve Direct the…

Squash Body Serve

The body serve in squash is made to catch your opponent off guard. It directs the ball towards the body of your opponent at high speed giving them less time to react. This serve is considered to be discourteous or unsportsmanlike by some players but is completely legal on the…

Squash Smash Serve

Similar to the lob serve, the smash serve in squash is an overhand serve that helps you take over the ‘T’ position when done correctly. This serve takes racquet control, timing and precise ball placement. Projecting a smash serve The goal of a smash serve is to get you valuable…